Why is it important to manage your online reputation?

Years ago, companies mainly focussed on marketing campaigns, advertising strategies and doing everything in their power to encourage clients to boost the company’s reputation through word of mouth. Today, technology has brought us to a crucial turning point and your reputation is not just offline but rather online. What some still tend to wonder is just why your online reputation is important and what does it have to do with the success of your company.Why manage your online reputation |  Jerome Knyszewski

It might sound complicated but the concept is fairly simple. When somebody runs a search for your company online, what do they find? Are they confronted with an abundance of negative content relating to your business? Do complaints against your company show up during search results or are the reviews more positive in nature?

The bottom line is that your online reputation is determined by what people find when they look you up. They might run a search for your company name or they could search for specific keywords. Either way, negative content can detour prospective clients while positive content can attract them.

It is also important to realize that your company’s online reputation is also linked to your personal reputation and that of your employees, associates and partners. If one of your employees slips up an their online reputation is compromised, this could have a serious effect on your company’s reputation as well. People of today respect everyone’s rights to so-called freedom of speech but, ranting and raving about something in a discriminative manner, is almost always deemed unacceptable.

Now, before you become completely overwhelmed by all the possibilities and things that could go wrong, here’s the good news. Your online reputation is, for the most part, under your control. You can control what you do and say online. You control the way in which your social media profiles are managed and you also control what you post online through these sites, the company website, blog and other online locations.

Sure, you are probably wondering about online reviews and possible negative comments from others. Well, you might not be able to delete their negative remarks but you can respond in a polite and professional manner. Endeavour to solve each and every problem that is directly or indirectly brought to your attention. By handling these cases in the right way, you can turn a negative into a positive and demonstrate that the complaint is either false or that you take care of your customers and offer real customer service.

Building your reputation online can take time. Don’t try to rush it and, if the task is too demanding for you, then you should certainly consider hiring a professional or a team to handle it on your behalf. Remember that online reputation management is an ongoing process much like your general reputation. It requires constant effort and plenty of hard work if you want to make your way to the top.


Here are some tips to help you preserve your online reputation: http://under30ceo.com/6-ways-to-use-name-reservation-to-position-your-brand-online/as well as some steps that you can take in order to effectively protect and manage your online reputation: http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2013/03/14/6-steps-to-managing-your-online-reputation/

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